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Indrasol Cloud Services

Our Cloud experts will guide you through your cloud journey so that you get all the elements for creating a business environment that is agile, secure, cost-effective, and, most importantly – ready for the future.

Technology Advice

We guide you through continuous transformation process, advising you on the best course of action to fill the gap between your current tech-stack and future needs.

Platform Reliability

Our Cloud team has hands-on expertise with all the major technology platforms and can help you build a strategy that integrates with your long-term business goals

Cloud Optimization

We have leveraged our field knowledge of cloud architecture to bring fresh cloud benefits to our clients like added speeds, higher ROIs, and deeper cost reductions.

Cloud Consulting

Business Continuity - We help to maximize the workload efficiency for on-premise, cloud or hybrid environments. We create an effective and secure Business continuity program that helps to secure ‘business as usual’ for our clients.

Cloud Architecture – We design a cloud architecture, aligned with the enterprise’s strategy and business priorities. Our cloud readiness team examines the current infrastructure to present an architecture design that best fits the needs.

With our strong alliance partnerships and seamless technology integrations with leading cloud providers including Oracle Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AZURE, we provide a robust cloud adoption strategy. We assess your needs and recommend the cloud solutions which fit perfectly for your systems and workloads. Join hands with us to learn key insights to build a successful multi-cloud strategy.

Security – We provide a portfolio of cybersecurity solutions designed to maximize protection of data assets from any threats. We identify the right cybersecurity service needed to keep your infrastructure safe

Cloud Migration

Assessment – We perform a complete evaluation of your IT infrastructure and map it to your business goals and the latest industry best practices. We develop a customized migration strategy and roadmap that will get you to the business outcomes you desire.

We follow a structured, phase-wise migration approach that is based on a detailed assessment of your business operations and needs. Our solutions are designed to mitigate risks and maximize performance.

Preferred Platform – We let our clients prefer and choose between public cloud, on-premise or a hybrid cloud strategy. Our cloud experts have hands-on experience with all major platforms like Oracle Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and more.

Training – We continue to monitor and optimize your cloud applications to ensure you get the best value for your investment. We also train your in-house IT staff so that they can take over in the future.

Contact us for our Consulting, Business Advisory, Implementation and Managed Services

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