In today’s rapidly-changing business landscape, the cloud is fast becoming an invaluable resource to growing businesses of all sizes. It will certainly be an indispensable component for the foreseeable future as well.

Now is the time to take advantage of this unique and powerful virtual environment by bringing your business and its services, marketing and functionality into the cloud and directly to the people who matter most: your employees, your customers and your partners. At indraSol, this is one of the things we do best.

Integration is our strong suit. It’s how we bring together technology, planning and implementation to keep our valued clients well ahead of the game.

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How mobile cloud computing and programming enhances your effectiveness.By creating custom mobile apps for your business, you tie every vital component of your enterprise into the cloud. The cloud is where the people are, where virtually unlimited resources exist and where the future of business lies.

By creating aps for your company, you can take business processes online and into the palm of the hand to make them faster, easier and far more effective. In this way, your customers get more of what they want when they want it, and your employees can be more productive.

As we say, integration is key. By creating mobile apps for your company, you tap into a huge network of social media and can create intranets for your employees that allow them to access and influence social communities more easily. Mobile apps in the cloud allow employees to access your back office data more effectively and from anywhere. They can interact across different devices and you gain a better ROI by being modern and agile.

The cloud brings to any company a marketing power and effectiveness that was unheard of only a few years ago. You can create mobile aps that produce and provide marketing solutions as fast as the social networks can spread them. With multiple connections in multiple languages, cloud computing provides everyone with faster and better information.

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What indraSol can deliver to you

Make it mobile:

Give customers what they want and increase employee productivity. Our Mobile Services make it easy to create engaging and integrated mobile business apps.

Business process automation:

The cloud allows you to efficiently design and run important business processes with little or no code or infrastructure. Move faster by eliminating never-ending email approvals, leave behind deprecated tools and even obsolete spreadsheets. IndraSol can not only make your processes mobile, but social as well.

Create communities for your company:

When your employees are plugged in through the cloud, they are more aligned with your goals and more productive. By creating mobile intranets, you give employees any time access to social information, news, files, data and apps.

Turn your back office into a virtual office:

Add agility to your business with mobile apps that tie seamlessly into your back office data. Modernize your business by allowing employees to COLLABORATE ACROSS MULTIPLE PLATFORMS AND DEVICES. Building mobile apps in the cloud can vastly increase your ROI.

Mobile marketing made easy:

The cloud and mobile computing are rapidly becoming the number one way to connect with potential customers. Create mobile apps, new marketing websites and social interactions to stay ahead of the game.

What you need to build apps fast:

From multi-language development to point and click construction, IndraSol puts the amazing and highly-effective power of the cloud into your hands and into the hands of those who matter most to the success of your business.


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